A Little Bit About Me

Kevin Harriss
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I am a system administrator, conference organizer and homebrewer from Chicago, IL.

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology. My job is the IT Administrator for the Institute of Design. If you would like to get a hold of me you can reach me on Twitter or via Email.


I like linux on my servers and OS X on my laptop. I have been doing system administration professionally since 2005 and running my own servers since 2002. I mange web stacks consisting of Django, Apache + Nginx, MySQL + MongoDB along with various other machines for our schools infrastructure. To help me wrangle these servers I use Chef and Fabric. When I need to write some code, I do it in Python. You can see some this I have written on Github.


I have been homebrewing on and off since I was 22, when a college friend taught me and I started brewing with him. Since then, I have gone on to brew on my own and teach a few people how to brew as well. The beers that I typically brew are standard styles with additional flavors. Some of the recent brews have been a Nutella Stout, Chocolate Stout and a Strawberry Chocolate Stout.


I have been helping out with BARcamp Chicago since 2007. I helped to organize since 2008 and became one of the head organizers a year later. This is a conference held in Chicago every summer. The conference has a loose focus, since the schedule and presentations are determined by the attendees. We usually attract developers, entrepreneurs, designers and makers.